New Fish is a time tracker for individuals and teams. It's build around text tags which makes it very simple yet powerful. The goal is to provide deep insights into your activities while staying out of the way as much as possible.


Account will be created during first login.

How does it work

  1. You have a timer which is always running
  2. When you are done with some activity you fill in a description with tags, eg. "Interview with new candidates #interviews #team_blue"
  3. You review your activities with powerful analytics whenever you feel like to

And that's all. Everything from projects to teams is naturally handled by tags. It's like tweeting.


Tag autocomplete

Using some tag again? You are one tab away from completing it.


Teams in Fish are simple. Invite you colleagues and select a tag which will connect you. Now you see all their's entries including this tag.

Saved filters

Using some specific filter combinations often? Save them for later.

Data export & account delete

You are in control of your data. Export them and delete your account whenever you want.

Multiple views and filters, more on it's way

New Fish has four special views and various filters to get the insights you need. Others goodies including cool charts are on it's way.

Entries mass edit

Imagine you are doing a month review and want to add some tag to hundreds of entries. New Fish got you covered with mass edit.


New Fish has RESP API you can freely use to manage you data.

Got a feedback?

Don't hesitate to write me at